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Cordial Climate


The Empirita Water Company provides water to the Red Hawk J6 Ranch and Easter Mountain Ranch to the East of Red Hawk J6, all part of the original J6 Ranch. The water company was designed to service approximately 900 residential lots and the Empirita Water Company serves to provide the 100-year assured water supply, essential to obtain a public report.

The Cool, Cool water served up by the Empirita Water Company is sourced from five wells located in the Cienega Watershed. The Cienega Watershed of Southeastern Arizona is the basin bounded by the Whetstone Mountains to the south, the Santa Rita Mountains to the west, the Canelo Hills to the south, and the Rincon Mountains to the north.

The pure Empirita water is soft at only 8.7 Grains per Gallon (GPG), 33% of the GPG threshold recommended for a Saltwater Conditioner.

The company is an Arizona State approved water utility, complying with all regulations and testing. Empirita Water Company LLC is substantially owned by Red Hawk Ranch Properties LLC founders and is obligated to provide water to service the entire development. Rates are controlled by the State of Arizona.

Never run out of water
The 100-year assured water supply at Red Hawk means never worrying about running out of water.
Assured water levels
Cienega Watershed provides endless water so you will always have plenty of water.

Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch

Build Where Best Meets West

The homesite large land lots in Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch combine quality and affordability, privacy, convenience and 330 days of clear skies unlike anywhere else in the American Southwest. Buy your development land for sale in Arizona now, choose a home from our 23 models to build now, or build later. Add a Casita for guests or a Grain Bin Gazebo for parties and outings. Horse land lots are on the perimeter of the community with access to 1 million acres of riding trails. And for those with Wanderlust, add an RV garage. Secure your land and buy a large land lot now.

Tucked against protected land, Red Hawk offers quiet, high desert living just minutes from health care, entertainment and the amenities of modern life, but in a secluded, master-planned landscape that’s beautifully rugged, removed and remote.



With water, electric, internet and phone lines all underground, you'll enjoy reliable utilities and enduring, unbroken desert vistas by day, a million unspoiled stars by night.
The gently rolling land of Red Hawk offers a profound feeling of privacy without sacrificing a sense of community.
Perfect Places for Horse Land Lots in Arizona
Red Hawk offers access to land that is winding, open-country trails that run a day out in every direction.

Western Values

There are many places to build in Southern Arizona, but we believe Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch offers lasting value in the true spirit of the West:

  • Unfenced land lots at up to twice the size of others at comparable cost
  • Custom homes completed in as little as 6 months
  • Essential community guidelines, designed only to preserve property values
  • Truly individual sites with distinct natural features

Conveniently Remote Yet Remarkably Connected

Feel far from the noise and bustle of city life yet close to what you want and need. Hospital care, gas and groceries are just 15 minutes east of the town of Benson. The arts, entertainment, fine dining and international airport of metropolitan Tucson lie just 30 minutes west.

Enjoy conveniently remote Red Hawk, while staying connected with your world via dependable, Starlink, the Elon Musk high speed internet system.

Engage in activities that have historically not been possible with satellite internet. Made possible via the world’s largest constellation of highly advanced satellites operating in a low orbit around the Earth offering home internet speeds of greater than 100Mbps.

Order your Starlink at 

Location Map

At a comfortable 4,500 feet — nearly a thousand feet higher than the nearby town of Benson — Red Hawk averages annual highs in the mid-80s, lows in the mid-40s.
John F. Kennedy's first job was at the J-6 Ranch in the spring and summer of 1936. Alongside brother Jack, JFK, just 19 at the time, rode fence, herded cattle and helped construct adobe offices, earning a dollar a day over the course of four months.

Breathe Easy

Red Hawk sits beneath clean, clear skies of endless Arizona blue, warmed by nearly 300 days of sunshine a year, averaging less than 14″ of rainfall annually. On a clear day (which is nearly every day), you can see the observatories atop Mt. Graham glistening in the distance, more than a hundred miles away.

A Lot for New Home Development in Arizona
The Arizona Department of Water has certified that the 5 wells of Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch ensure abundant water for generations to come.

Quality from the Ground Up

Choose a partial build at the drywall stage and select finishes tailored to your personal taste, moving into your completed home in as little as six months. Or opt for a semi or fully custom build.

Add an RV garage and make Red Hawk your home base for cross-country adventures. Go green and NetZero with air-tight energy efficiency and integrated solar. Endless options offer the chance to build the home you’ve always dreamed of on the development land for sale you’ve always wanted.

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