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Common questions about Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch.
How many acres can I buy at Red Hawk?

The lots are 2.5 to 5 acres. But nothing stops you from buying contiguous lots for more land if you like, or other custom homes lots in the development.

How much does it cost to build a new custom home?

That varies. It depends on the size and quality of home and how much you want to put into it. A good rule of thumb is minimum of $165 per square foot. Some have added upgrades of BIG Doors, Upgraded Bathroom Fixtures, Gourmet Kitchens, Solar Array and many energy saving upgrades and the cost can go up accordingly.

Are there restrictions on the size of the home I can build?

You must have a minimum of 1750 square feet for your home at Red Hawk. And the design must be submitted to the Design Review Committee for approval.

Can I have a two-story home?

It depends on the style home. Roof ridges shall not exceed 18′ in height. No parapet wall shall exceed 16′ in height. Height shall be measured from the finished floor. The finished floor elevation shall be the average elevation of the natural grade of the area on which the residence or improvement is located.

Are there CC&R’s?

Yes. They are available upon request from one of the sales agents.

Can I put a mobile home or manufactured Home on the lot?

No, you may not.  This development is for site-built homes only.  Building your own space is a very rewarding project.

May I fence my entire property?

We have a “don’t fence me in” policy. We believe in the wide-open spaces. You may have a wall immediately adjacent to your, home, patio and improvements.

Can I have my horses with me on my acreage?

Only if you have a lot that is designated for horses. There are other stables in the near vicinity that board horses.

Are there Horse or Hiking trails near Red Hawk?

There are many horse and hiking trails in the Whetstone Mountains adjacent to Red Hawk. We do have easements in areas of Red Hawk for Horse trails. Many of the current residents of Red Hawk ride their horses into the mountains.

Can I have livestock, chickens, or other farm animals at Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch?


What utilities are in at Red Hawk?

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Co-op is the electricity provider. Century Link is available for telephone and high-speed internet, along with other satellite cable and high-speed internet providers. Propane is available through several suppliers and it can be buried in the ground and is metered.

What water company services Red Hawk?

The Empirita Water Company holds a 100-year water supply designation from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). Two wells feed the water supply and the system has a 150,000-gallon holding tank.  Water quality is monitored and the system is managed by Southwestern Utility Management. Base water fees are approximately $30 per month.

Is there local trash pick-up?

There are several trash collections companies to choose from.

Who maintains the paved roads? is it the Homeowners Association or someone else?

Roads in Red Hawk are maintained by Cochise County. They keep the roads up to county standards and keep the grass cut back about six feet from the pavement.

How far from Red Hawk is the airport?

Tucson International Airport is about 30 minutes from Red Hawk. Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix is about a 2-hour drive. Both are accessed by Interstate 10.

Are there golf courses in the Tucson area and at Red Hawk?

Yes there are many celebrated courses in Tucson and surrounding areas.

What is the distance to the closest shopping?

Benson, six miles from Red Hawk, has the closest shopping including Wal-Mart, Safeway grocery store, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply and others.  Tucson is just 30 minutes West of Red Hawk on Interstate 10 and has numerous shopping areas and restaurants to choose from. Sierra Vista is 40 minutes Southeast of Red Hawk and offers many shopping opportunities.

Are there hospitals in the area?

Benson General Hospital is located at 450 South Ocotillo Avenue, Benson, AZ 85602 Tel. (520) 586-2261 and just a short 10 minutes away.

Which Police Department Services Red Hawk?

Red Hawk is serviced by the Cochise County Sheriffs Office.

Do you have Fire Department services in Red Hawk?

Red Hawk belongs to the Mescal Volunteer Fire District. Their station is nearby on J-Six Ranch Rd.

What schools are in the area for our children to attend?

Red Hawk is located in the Benson School District.  Open enrollment is also available in the top-rated Vail School District in Pima County.

What is the tax ratio in Cochise County?

The tax ratio for unimproved land is 16% and for improved residential 10%. Learn more at the Cochise County website.

How does Cochise County stack up against Pima County with regard to building permits cost?

Building permits generally cost less than in Pima County, home to Tucson.










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