People Fleeing Big Cities in Favor of Suburban Homes and Space

MAY 26, 2020 BDX, Last updated March 14, 2021

As we continue to monitor trends in the wake of our current situation, new home builders should take notice as more and more individuals and families flee big cities.

Ironically, this is not a new trend. Data released by both the U.S. Census Bureau and Ernst & Young back in 2018, show that millennials in particular (also the largest percentage of new home buyers) are leaving big cities in favor of the greener and less expensive pastures of the suburbs.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has found fertile ground in dense cities and has now accelerated the move not just for millennials but all generations.

With many restaurants, bars, and event venues still closed or opening with limited capacity, what was once the allure of a big city has turned many into a ghost town. And even friendships and schools that keep families tethered to their neighborhoods are no longer a factor with the uncertainty of children attending schools and participating in activities.

But maybe the biggest impact of COVID-19 is not temporary but the permanent trend of people working from home. If proximity to a job is no longer a significant factor in deciding where to live, the appeal of suburbs substantially increases.

And recent data suggests that the attitudes toward moving to the suburbs by homebuyers are shifting. A new Harris Poll conducted among 2,050 U.S adults from April 25-27, shows that nearly a third of Americans are considering moving to less densely populated areas in the wake of the pandemic. Likewise, urbanites were twice as likely than suburban residents to browse a real estate website for homes or apartments to rent or buy.

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