Empirita Water Company

Red Hawk J6 Ranch Cool Cool Water……

The Empirita Water Company provides water to the Red Hawk J6 Ranch and Easter Mountain Ranch to the East of Red Hawk J6, all part of the original J6 Ranch. The water company was designed to service approximately 900 residential lots and the Empirita Water Company serves to provide the 100-year assured water supply, essential to obtain a public report.

The Cool, Cool water served up by the Empirita Water Company is sourced from three wells located in the Cienega Watershed. The Cienega Watershed of Southeastern Arizona is the basin bounded by the Whetstone Mountains to the south, the Santa Rita Mountains to the west, the Canelo Hills to the south, and the Rincon Mountains to the north.

The pure Empirita water is soft at only 8.7 Grains per Gallon (GPG), 33% of the GPG threshold recommended for a Saltwater Conditioner.

The company is an Arizona State approved water utility, complying with all regulations and testing. Empirita Water Company LLC is substantially owned by Red Hawk Ranch Properties LLC founders, and is obligated to provide water to service the entire development. Rates are controlled by the State of Arizona.