Enjoy conveniently remote Red Hawk, while staying connected with your world via dependable, high-speed internet and WiFi provided by Simply Bits.

Simply Bits is Southern Arizona’s Largest Fixed Wireless Internet Provider offering home internet speeds up to 100Mbps. With a dedicated tower within the Red Hawk Community, you’ll have an uninterrupted and reliable signal that hotspots and satellite can’t offer, and cable or phone companies won’t offer.

Whether you’re using a tablet in the kitchen, playing video games in the bedroom, streaming a show in the living room, or working remotely in your home office, Simply Bit’s Home WiFi service ensures your connection is reliable, seamless, and secure from anywhere in your home.

No matter the square footage of the home you buy, Simply Bit’s fully managed mesh Home WiFi service will outperform traditional routers and WiFi extender systems. It will eliminate dead spots and increase your WiFi performance.

Our homes offer the best of both worlds. Our location can help you disconnect from the congestion of city-life, while Simply Bits home internet and WiFi keep you digitally connected to the world.

Buy at J-6 and surf, stream, game or work remotely, whatever you need, Simply Bits has the Internet plan to suit every lifestyle.